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Ultimate spray foam
Ultimate Spray Foam is the leader in low-cost, high quality spray foam insulation. Equipped with the latest technology and a wide assortment of spray foam products, we are able to maximize the energy efficiency of your new home or building. We are committed to providing professional service, low prices, quality materials and workmanship, fast service, and a careful analysis of your project to achieve the highest energy efficiency rating while staying within your budget. A majority of our projects are located in Nebraska and Iowa. Contact us for a free estimate.

“40% of energy is lost through roofs and walls insulated with fiberglass insulation...”
US Department of Energy

Common Applications Include:
New Residential Construction

Existing Homes and Remodels
Commercial buildings
Agricultural and Industrial buildings
Cooling/freezing storage facilities
Storage Tanks
Storage tanks
Large and small metal sheds

Spray Foam Insulation is highly recommended by:
US Dept. of Energy, FEMA, LEEDs, Energy Star, US Green Building Council, NAHB and numerous Green Building organizations.

If you are unfamiliar with spray foam insulation, watch this short video.

“Commonly installed fiberglass insulation batts lose 28% of their labeled R-value.”
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Ultimate Spray Foam uses only the highest quality spray-foam insulation products in the marketplace. Our most commonly used product is a closed cell foam which offers considerable structural support and higher insulating properties than any other type of insulation on the market.  We also offer open cell foam, which is more economical and is priced very competitively to pink fiberglass.  Depending on your desired insulating objectives and budget, we can suit your needs and provide the best price in town in addition to immediate service.  We also have "green" foam products such as a soybean based spray-foam insulation product manufactured by BioBased Insulation along with other eco-friendly foam products from APEX Foam Industries and Spec Technology. Our soy-based product was voted “Outstanding Green Product of 2003.” We are one of the ONLY companies in Nebraska that can offer a "green" foam product. ALL of our products are backed by a manufacturer's LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Financially speaking, our service will help reduce your monthly utility bills by up to 50% and will increase your property value 5%.  We do our best to make sure that our customers have positive cash flow from Day 1 with our service. You may also be eligible for Federal Tax Credits, grants, and other “green” credits offered by the government.  These programs were created promote energy efficiency encourage homeowners to build smart and build green.
Professionally installed spray-foam insulation will seal off your home or business from outside heat, cold, moisture, mildew, mold, airborne fibers, and pests. It will vastly improve your breathable air quality, lowering chances of asthma & allergy attacks for you & your children. Our product does not provide any food value for mold, termites or rodents and creates a thermal seal filling every nook & cranny throughout your house. Our foam product also provides additional structural support to your property.  Our goal is to create a true thermal envelope throughout your property.

“The most common insulation, fiberglass, does not stop air leakage. Certain types of insulation, such as spray foam insulation, can be significantly more effective at reducing air flow as well as heat flow.”
US Department of Energy

Installing spray-foam insulation in your attic rafters provides a cool, sealed attic space for your air conditioning system & air ducts to work more efficiently since it is now operating in a semi-conditioned space instead of a 120 degree environment. Studies have shown that cooling and heating equipment run more efficiently in semi-conditioned space. 

Spray-foam insulation is also the ONLY insulation product recommended by FEMA for use in the rebuilding effort of the flood-prone Gulf Coast. (Click for FEMA guidelines .pdf)

The best way to compare fiberglass insulation to spray foam is to image the difference between a straw box compared to a well sealed foam ice-chest.  The ice chest keeps its contents cool first by insulating it and second by forming a good seal at the lid to prevent air from leaking in or out.

“Air infiltration can account for 30% or more of a home’s heating and cooling costs and contribute to problems with moisture, noise, dust, and the entry of pollutants, insects and rodents. Reducing infiltration can significantly cut annual heating and cooling costs, improve building durability, and create a healthier indoor environment.”
US Department of Energy

The cost is slightly more than fiberglass insulation but the payoff is greater.  With tradition pink insulation, while it may cost less when you build, everyday you live in the house, you are losing money.  However, with spray foam insulation you will pay a little more upfront, but you will recoup the extra cost in the first two or three years and every year after that you are putting money in your pocket. 

“Trying to understand energy efficiency?”  Paul Huddy of Tucson based Solar Institute says the initial costs – price plus financing over 30 years – are only one-third of the homeownership cost.  (Sticker price is a mere sliver at 11% of ownership.)  The second third is operating costs (including utilities) and the last third, home maintenance and repair.  Thus, a sticker price of $160,000 equals 30-year ownership costs of $1,440,000!  But pony up $200,000 to buy a more energy-efficient house and operating and maintenance costs tumble by 75%!  That brings the 30-year cost down to $840,000 – a savings of $600,000."
‘Real Home Cost’ by C.B. Farnsworth

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